Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mini Dog Caravan Kennel Cutest Ideas (From the Whoot website)

This Mini Dog Caravan Kennel has been an Internet sensation and it’s hardly surprising why! We fell head over paws the minute we spied it and we couldn’t wait to share the love with you!

This version took out the first prize in a Competition and we’ve found the Instructions so you can make your very own.

This is known as a Teardrop Caravan and it’s Vintage Styling with the wings on the side looks terrific.

You will love to make one for your furbaby! Scroll our page and check out all the different versions and be sure that you Pin your favorites. We have also found a time lapse video that shows you how to build a teardrop caravan. It will give you some idea how to scale yours down. The basics will be the same, only mini.

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

August in the Australian Garden

Transplant deciduous trees and shrubs while they’re still dormant.
Flowers and Shrubs
Cut or pluck dead flowers from bulbs, allow leaves to die down naturally. Feed every week with soluble food.
Feed camellias after they finish blooming and trim back
Prune hibiscus, abutilons (Chinese lantern), acalyphas and poinsettias.
Pinch back geranium and fuchsia tips to encourage bushy growth.
If frosts are over, feed plants with blood and bone, compost or manure to mulch. Prune summer or autumn flowering shrubs.
Finish pruning roses in cold climates and trim summer flowering shrubs. Feed roses about four weeks after pruning.
Fruit trees and vegetables
Plan and prepare a new vegie bed.
Sow tomatoes indoors, ready to plant out once the soil is warmer.
Feed lawn
What to sow this month
Kangaroo paw
Capsicum, celery, carrots, chinese cabbage, cucumber, dwarf peas, Jerusalem artichoke, leek, lettuce, rocket, silver beet, spring onions, sweet basil, tomato
Birth flowers for July
Traditional - Gladiolas or Poppy
Remembrance, sincerity, strength of character.
Gladiolas are named from Latin "gladius" for sword.  Their beauty can pierce a heart  adding infatuation to its meanings.
Opium, from a poppy, was used in the ancient world to ease pain and bring on sleep. The Greeks associated poppies with both Hypnos, god of sleep, and Morpheus, god of dreams.
Australian - Grevillea buxifolia
Also called grey spider flower, an open rounded bushy shrub to 1.5m with reddish brown flowers.

Quote of the month
"Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle ... a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl.  And the anticipation nurtures our dream."
Barbara Winkler

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Understanding those washing symbols on clothes

How much notice do you take of the little symbols on the tags of your clothes that indicate how they should be laundered.

Here’s a summary of the main ones so you can create a reference sheet for the laundry and keep your clothes looking their best.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

July in the Australian Garden

On really cold days, why not head out to the shed and sharpen, clean, oil and maintain your garden tools. Sounds tedious, but it's really rewarding and will save you cash and plant illness in the long run.

Spray white oil to control sap-sucking pests such as aphids, woolly aphids and scale. Control snails and slugs 

Prune deciduous plants but leave pruning of spring flowering plants until after flowering. Plant deciduous trees and shrubs

Flowers and Shrubs
Prune roses (although wait until later in cold climates). Use sharp secateurs and a good quality saw. Spray bush and soil with lime after pruning. Check for suckers coming from below the ground. Remove as cleanly as possible.
Fruit trees and vegetables
Prune peaches, apples and other deciduous summer fruit trees.
Feed citrus towards the end of the month.
Top up mulch on your vegie patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds.
Cool to Cold Areas - It's bare rooting time in these areas! Get your deciduous fruit trees in now, including apples, pears, plums, peaches and nectarines.
Get rid of bindii now. Water lawn in dry  periods and mow when necessary.
What to sow this month
Delphinium, Dianthus
Broad beans, spinach, silverbeet, peas, seeded Potatoes (in frost free areas)

Birth flowers for July

Traditional - Larkspur or delphinium
Lightness, levity, open hearted and ardent attachment.
The larkspur is a variety of delphinium.
With its lush, dolphin-shaped flowers it is aptly named delphinium.
The gentle hues and refreshing fragrance of this flower give it a refreshing and distinctive natural beauty.

Australian - Dampiera (Dampiera diversifolia)
Named after explorer William Dampier.
A prostrate perennial creeper with small, purplish blue flowers

 Quote of the month

"How can those who do not garden, who have no lot in the great fraternity of those who watch the changing year as it affects the earth and its growth, how can they keep warm their hearts in winter?" Francis King