Saturday, 8 October 2016

Little Teddies in Tins

I love creating unique and unusual gifts from preloved items. My favourites are little teddies in tins. 

Each teddy comes with its own little story and, unless handmade, the teddies are sanitized, redesigned, renamed and are now waiting to be adopted and loved once more..! Price is $AU15.00 each plus postage.

Sebastian Jellymore
Sabastian loves lollies. He’s made his home in a Jelly Bean tin where he has his own lollypop and pinwheel candy. He would love a boy or girl to play with.

Bernard Teddison
Bernie (as he prefers to be called) is a little bit lazy. He’s made his home in a Faber Castel money box where he can sleep but still see the world through the slot. If his adopted girl or boy wants to use his tin as a money box he would look after their savings.Hand made teddy and bedding in a repurposed tin.

Osborne Hamilton
Osborne loves bath time. His tin is like an old bath tub and he has his own towel and blanket. Please note: Osborne is not a bath toy.

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