Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Present Solution

Here’s a fun Christmas present for the person that has everything or who enjoys (perhaps OVER enjoys) every aspect of Christmas and the holiday season – a Christmas Survival Kit.

To start you need something to put all your items in. A traditional Christmas stocking or gift bag of a suitable size is perfect.

Gather your items. Remember these are only suggestions and you may like to include some things that are particularly relevant to the receiver. Include a list of the items like the one below on our basics list.

Basic list

Bandaid to fix things that just will not work.
Bath salts to soothe your weary body
Battery so you can keep going and going and going
Bauble to make your Christmas sparkle!
Bell – Jingle bells swing, jingle bells rock
Button to replace the one you lose from overeating
Candle so all your Christmas’s are bright
Chamomile tea to calm and soothe away the tension.
Cloves for the scent of Christmas
Coin so Christmas doesn't leave you penniless.
Confetti to remind you to have fun.
Marble in case you lose all of yours!
Match to reignite you when you're burned out.
Paracetamol for the headache from overindulging
Paperclip to help you keep it all together.
Party popper to start the season with a bang
Peppermints to settle the tummy from overindulging
Piece of gum to help stick to Christmas shopping.
Pin to remind you to stay sharp.
Sticky Tape because it always runs out in the middle of wrapping.

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